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Maraska Maraschino Cherries

The Marasca Cherry originating from Asia Minor was brought to the Mediterranean during the time of The Roman Empire. The tree adjusted very well to the rocky and dry soil of its new homeland. The specific Mediterranean climate, soil in northern Dalmatia and Zadar ́s hinterland provided the ideal climate for the marasca cherry to ripen to the finest quality and it became an autochthon plant in Dalmatia. The oldest written document written about the Marasca Cherry tree was found among the documents of the State Archive in Zadar, in the late Middle Ages in 1339. It was described: „…one large tree of marasca near the town Zadar, on the position of Kolovare, in a vineyard by Fontana, near the sea…“.. This document is at the same time the oldest written document in the wider Dalmatia region.

The cherries are pitted and are perfect for cocktails of all types. Approximately 50% of the jar is Marasca cherry syrup and 50% are the cherries. All natural dark cherry color with no artificial ingredients and made from the cherries grown in Zadar by the Maraska Company.

  • Producer Maraska
  • Country Hierarchy Zadar, Croatia