Domaine de Menard Sauvignon Blanc – Colombard

Colombard is a local varietal used in most Côtes de Gascogne whites. It brings rich aromas of pineapple, mango and other citrus fruits. Colombard is not known or having high levels of acidity which is why it is often blended with varietals possessing more acidity, such as Sauvignon and Ugni Blanc. Ménard’s central location in the Gers puts the domaine in a very lush yet diverse growing area. Marc is in charge of the vines at Ménard and the soils he works with are composed of limestone, sand and clay. These varying soil types allow Marc to obtain the best from the various varietals. Elisabeth systematically destems everything at harvest. The grapes are immediately pressed and the juice is pumped into thermo-regulated steel tanks for vinification and subsequent aging. Bottling takes place after six months in steel tank.

  • Producer Domaine de Menard – Cotes de Gascogne
  • Country Hierarchy Sud-Ouest, France
  • Grape/Blend 50% Colombard 50% Sauvignon Blanc
  • Alcohol Content